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Top Tips On The Most Neglected LMG In Call Of Duty And How You Can Use It To Own Your Competitors

I'm wagering you haven't dug up the courage to try the L86 LSW! It's the very first LMG to be unlocked leaving most players with the impression that it to be the worst.

The problem is that since it does begin so sluggish, slow and full or recoil so few gamers try to unlock the full set of attachments for it resulting in them never knowing about the most awesome one of all. The attachment that seriously sets the L86 up to being unstoppable is actually really tough to use in itself on any other gun too! So what is the product of combining the worst machine gun with the weakest attachment? Just the best combination in the entire game!

Yes, put the Thermal Scope on the L86 LSW and it will turn into a machine gun sniper. The scope lessens the kick so well that if you use the grip attachment too be standing fully upright and be firing at some poor enemy at the other end of the map and your aim will remain completely on target. Some have stated it's like a lazer, I like to think of it as a machine sniper!

So whilst I'm waiting for the latest call of duty black ops 2 release date updates, I actually prefer to go with this LMG without the grip, instead using the silencer (with the attachments perk). The the recoil is still greatly reduced by the scope and the silencer will enable you to creep about the map picking enemies off much to their irritation. It's so much fun!

I have actually fully included the LSW with what I call my "ghost" set-up, along with Blind Eye Pro, Assassin Pro and Stalker Pro. This will let you stay off the map, off the radars and there is also the extra perk that I can bring down pretty much any killstreak out of the sky thanks to the additional damage from blind eye pro and the big magazine of the LSW.

So while you are eagerly waiting for the next instalment of the CoD franchise to be announced, get online with MW3 and start owning your opponents with the LSW and Thermal Scope!

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